the best digital service

The best service is no service – when a customer doesn’t need to contact your company, because all processes run smoothly, selfservice is 24/7 available and all answers are easily found via website or chatbot. Uptimised helps companies to achieve this best service, by starting at the front side of your company: your website and/ or your app. By optimising your main digital channels your customers can easily answers to their questions and help themselves in their customer journey. perform service actions without the need for human assistance. 

connecting the dots


Uptimised has the unique skill of understanding how to run customer service operations while at the same time tapping into digital capabilities such as apps, chatbots, FAQs and digital contact channels. The goal is to reduce waste contacts, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. The way of working is data-driven and fact-based, often using scrum methodology.  Uptimised is grounded with a passion for the customer,  and delivers feasible, pragmatic solutions.


expertise & solutions

digital service strategy

Are you in doubt which channels to use for your customers to reach you? Or you don’t know where to start in setting up  your digital service? Uptimised can help you get a clear picture of what suits your company and your customers best. In a pragmatic strategy the different digital service options are shared with the scenario that fits best for you. This includes an implementation plan and do’s and dont’s to take into account during roll out. 

channel management

You have several contact channels in place, but you’ve noticed productivity is low, you don’t have enough capacity to serve all questions or customer satisfaction is not what it should be. Uptimised dives into your data and gives clear steps how to optimise your (digital) channels. Previous projects resulted in 3X higher productivity while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

livechat optimisation

Customers like contacting companies via live messaging channels such as chat. Livechat requires realtime  answers; a customer doesn’t want to wait. Uptimised can help you set up or improve your livechat channel, capacity planning and increase customer satisfaction. We can also advise which messaging channels are best tailored to your customer needs suitable for your type of business.

contact reduction

Let’s be honest, customers prefer not to contact you for questions. They rather have all services work as promised. Uptimised helps you discover the reasons why customers DO contact you, which processes need to be fixed and how, and shows you how to prevent incoming waste contacts in easy steps using your website, app or chatbot. 

chatbot implementation

A chatbot is an easy way to answer frequently asked questions in a natural and personal way. It can also handle customer requests when it is connected to backend processes and systems in your company. In this way you can automate low value and repetitive tasks. Uptimised can help you select and implement the best platform and develop a conversational roadmap tailored to your company.   

project management

Do you need a helping hand to get your customer service department in the right direction? Or someone to deliver the results that you have been looking for?  Uptimised is there for you with project management and consulting services. We like a good challenge and don’t give up when it gets tough. 

background & clients

Uptimised has solid experience in large national and international companies at various industries such as IT, telco and banking. The most recent customer care projects took place at Eneco, a utilities company part of Mitshubishi, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK; and KVK which is the Dutch semi-governed owned chamber of commerce.  Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer effort was key in all projects and companies.


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