Are you ready to take your online customer service to the next level?

The best digital service

Uptimised helps you achieve the best online service, by starting at the front of your company: your website and/ or your app.

By uptimising your main digital channels to empower your customers with seamless access to information and self-service.

So they can independently resolve issues without human assistance.

Uptimise your customer service

You receive more questions from customers than you can handle. You have heard about AI and chatbots but don’t know where to start. You don’t understand why customers are contacting you about stuff that is crisp and clear on the website. You think… Right?

Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Uptimised is there to help companies level up their online customer service. Whether it is FAQs, content creation, chatbots, livechat, whatsapp, or any other channel – I know how to help you set up the best online experience.

So you can do what you are good at – sell that product or service you are passionate about.

Online customer service – consider it done.

Solutions tailored for your customer service

A pragmatic digital strategy with the different digital service options that best fit your company. This includes an implementation plan and do’s and dont’s to take into account during roll out.
A chatbot is an easy way to answer frequently asked questions in a natural and personal way. I can help you select and implement the best platform and develop a conversational roadmap tailored to your company.
Uptimised helps you discover the reasons why customers contact you, which processes need to be fixed and how, and shows you how to prevent incoming waste contacts in easy steps using your website, app or chatbot.

Nice to meet you

I am Anne-Marie and I am passionate about customer service. Delivering the best customer service out there. Because your customers deserve the best.

I have managed several customer service departments in large Dutch companies. My main focus is increasing customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing contacts. Because customers actually don’t want to call your customer service. They want to have a product that works or want to fix the problem themselves.

And that’s my specialty – creating the best customer service where customers do not have to contact you. Simply, because they can do it themselves: via your company app. Or they find the answer to their question online on your website, your FAQs or chatbot.

I love connecting the dots between your digital presence and your employees that handle all customer questions. To create happy customers, happy employees and ultimately, a happy you.

How can I help you

In this 20 minute session we discuss your struggles and get to know each other. What is your business, what are your needs and what can I help you with. Free of charge. Schedule a call today.
Book your session today
I review your online customer service: website, app, chatbot and/ or online channels. I provide you with a pragmatic, strategic review report, including next steps to take. The review includes a personal video call to discuss findings and advice.
Review of your online service
Whether it is a chatbot implementation, redesign of your customer service page or channel management, I execute your project and deliver results that make a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. Contact me for a personal quote.


Let me improve your online customer service!    

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