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Uptimised was founded from the idea that customers deserve better service. Even nowadays customer are waiting in queues for a long time where they shouldn’t have to. When answers can easily be found online, whether that is on the website, app or in a chatbot, customers don’t have to wait anymore. Selfservice doesn’t stop after 5PM or in the weekend – customers want to be served 24/7. In optimising your digital service not only do you reduce costs, you get happier customers. And you can focus your efforts and money on the value adding contacts that you do want to receive.


increasing business success with technology

Uptimised has solid experience in large national and international companies at various industries such as IT, telco and banking.


The most recent customer care projects took place at Eneco, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK; and KVK which is the Dutch semi-governed owned chamber of commerce.


Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer effort was key in all projects and companies. Uptimised has the unique skill of understanding customer service from an operations perspective (e.g. work force management or channel management) combined with digital service experience such as apps, chatbots and FAQs. Bringing these two worlds closer together has proven very effective in preventing waste contacts, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


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